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Finding Common Ground


Finding common ground between Indigenous and Western knowledge systems is the theme behind the latest research publication from Batchelor Institute – Finding Common Ground: Narratives, Provocations and Reflections from the 40 year celebration of Batchelor Institute.

Batchelor Institute CEO, Robert Somerville AM, officially launched the book which features contributions by 30 authors across 16 chapters of compelling reading.

“The book features a series of chapters responding to Batchelor Institute’s key 40th anniversary theme of Finding Common Ground between different knowledge systems, such as those used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and those within Western cultures and institutions”, Mr Somerville said.

“The chapters provide a wide range of perspectives on the theme with some taking the form of a story, others are provocative, some review process, while others report on the changing perspectives in education and communities.

“Reflecting Batchelor Institute’s commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples this work presents a rich tapestry of reflections on finding common ground by an exciting range of authors.

“The book is bursting with stimulating and robust ideas and critical engagement around the complexities and challenges of finding common ground between Indigenous and Western knowledge systems.

“I wish to thank the editors, Dr Henk Huijser, Ms Robyn Ober, Dr Sandy O’Sullivan, Dr Eva McRae-Williams & Ms Ruth Elvin, and give a special recognition to Noressa Bulsey, Stephanie Barber, Elsie Carter, Sue Campbell, Louisa Castle, Victoria Dawson, Sarah Martin, Leeanne Mahaffey, Kevin Arthur, Peter Hillier, Mike Crowe, Jurg Bronnimann, Adrian Mitchell, Kirsty Kelly, Brooke Ottley, Peter Stephenson, Maree Klesch, and the many other volunteers and contributors”, Mr Somerville said.