Research Projects


Project Team

Margaret Carew
Dr Jenny Green
Ben Foley
April Campbell
Community Language Teams at Ti Tree, Wilora, Utopia and Yuelemu.
Dr Myfany Turpin
Alison Ross

Project Aim and Overview

The Arandic Endangered Languages Project (AELP) is a partnership between linguists and community members in the Central Australian region. The project supports local Community Language Teams in Central Australia in participatory language documentation and resource development in a range of media. The teams comprise senior knowledge holders, younger language speakers, linguists and digital media professionals. Throughout 2011 and 2012 the teams are developing a web-based sign language dictionary and related learning resources, and creating films and audio books of performance arts and related areas of cultural knowledge and practice.

This project acknowledges the support of the Australian Federal Government’s Maintenance of Indigenous Languages and Records Program (2010-12) and Indigenous Languages Support (from mid 2012).

Project Partners

Dr Myfany Turpin, University of Queensland
Dr Jenny Green, University of Melbourne

Project Funders/Sponsors

Contact for Further Information

Margaret Carew