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Arlparra is the main community providing a range of services to the other 15 homelands in the region. Collectively the 16 homelands is better known as ‘Utopia’. Arlparra is located some 260kms North-East of Alice Springs in the Sandover Highway.

As the resource centre for this region, 240 volt power is generated from Arlparra to supply all homelands, including Irrultja (near Ampilatwatja). Arlparra has the Barkly Shire Council office, community store, a Police Station, High School, is the central point for Aged Care services and sports and recreation activities. Barkly Shire staff carry out repairs and maintenance to the 91 Aboriginal houses on contract to the NT Government. All non-Aboriginal Council staff, teachers, community store staff and Police Officers live at Arlparra.


Staff Accom 2 Bedroom Unit Fully Occupied
Study Centre 6 Computers
Student Accom 6 Rooms - sleeps up to 16 people, dorm style 6 Rooms/16 people 4 x 2 singles, 2 x 4 singles