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Centre for Collaborative First Nations Research

Our Centre promotes innovation and agency through First Nations research in Creative Writing, Education, and Livelihoods. National and international partnerships are key to our collaborative approach.

We build collaborative relationships through leveraging our expertise across the areas of Creative Industries – Creative Writing, Curatorship and Arts Management, Education – Early Childhood to Training and Higher Education, and Livelihoods – across Community Development, Employment and Industry.

Our Centre undertakes research locally, nationally and internationally across our areas of expertise through comparative research programs, visiting scholars, fellowships, projects, and a series of themes and provocations. Through these activities, our First Nations and non-Indigenous researchers work collaboratively with partners across Australia and internationally to undertake research that prioritises the perspectives of First Nations People.

Guided by principles

Inclusive and Innovative
Our Centre’s projects include ‘full’ participation by First Nations researchers

Promoting Agency and Voices
Creating an environment for First Nations voices and a First Nations standpoint

Keeping relevant to industry, Community, community of practice, government, or other identified groups of First Nations’ Peoples.

An approach that always reflects Indigenist-centred methodologies

Attributed and ethical
Ensuring Knowledges and information from First Nations Peoples and Communities are appropriately attributed