Gapuwiyak and Jilkminggan Communities

Gapuwiyak and Jilkminggan Communities

Talking pictures: Indigenous Perspectives on Play
Funded by Telstra Foundation

At Gapuwiyak and Jilkminggan communities parents did a research project to find out what people thought about play. They asked families about play in their culture.

‘I reckon it’s, well, you learn. You play to learn things. They’re speaking language when they play. They’re practicing, learning language.’ (Father at Jilkminggan)

"Singing and dancing on the beach, sitting together. Make a fire camp. Sit around the fire and talk to one another, learning about our relations, who you are, what your tribe is and like that. Talking about how we are close related and how we are related together, about our grass roots. Using that knowledge in our play too." (Grandmother at Gapuwiyak).

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