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Community library

The Batchelor Community Library operates under an agreement between the Coomalie Community Government Council, The Northern Territory Library and Batchelor Institute.

Please note that this facility is the library of the Batchelor Institute. Community members are welcome to use the library at all times, however during the semester, students and staff of the Institute have priority.


Membership is free
To register as a community borrower you are asked to present both proof of identity & photo ID.

A community member accepts that:

  • The member is responsible for items issued on their card
  • Fees apply for non returned, lost or damaged items
  • Fees range from $30.00 depending on the item
  • Borrowing and access privileges can be withdrawn
  • All copyright restrictions are followed at all times


The loan limit is 5 items which can be borrowed for the following loan periods:

books 4 weeks
videos & DVDs 1 day (limit of one)
CD-ROMs 2 weeks
Magazines 1 week

Not available for loan are: journals/periodicals; reference materials

Extensions and reservations
Extensions and reservations may be granted by contacting the Library.

Overdue, lost or damaged items
Overdue notices are sent to the borrower each week for a period of three weeks, while the item is outstanding. If the item has been overdue for a month or more it is deemed to be lost and a bill is sent to the borrower. Borrowing rights are suspended until the bill is paid.


Community members are able to access the library at all times when the library is open.  Opening hours are listed on the library homepage.

For returns out of hours there is a return-chute located next to the Library entrance.


Interlibrary Loans
Interlibrary loans may be requested when an item is not available at the Batchelor Institute Library. Loans from other Northern Territory Libraries are at no charge. Loans from Interstate will incur a $16.50 fee. Please ask library staff about Interlibrary Loans.

Internet access is available for up to one hour per day.

Visitors to the Coomalie Region may access internet services at any time when the library is open but during semester times staff and students have priority.

Internet users must respect the Institute policy for appropriate access to sites on the Internet.