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Learning Centres

The Learning Community Centres in Nyirrpi, Lajamanu, Willowra, Arlparra and Yuendumu are vital hubs of formal and informal learning and community activity.

Situated in the heart of these communities, the Centres are supported by a Batchelor Institute Coordinator/Mentor. Local people are employed in a range of roles essential to the outreach, learning support and day-to-day operations of the Centres.

Key areas of learning and community engagement

Shaped by the needs of each community, the Centres focus on three areas of learning and community engagement:


Learning for work

Centre coordinators and teaching staff from Batchelor Institute and other training providers support the work people are doing in their community through targeted courses, such as language literacy and numeracy, land management, computer literacy, children’s services, health, education, business, visual arts, media and music, food preparation, and community services.


Learning for life and wellbeing

The Centres have responded quickly to the high demand in computer skills that are tied to essential life skills and personal management skills.

They include internet banking, emailing, Facebook, accessing relevant websites, managing bank accounts, taxation and superannuation, registering for an ABN or birth certificate.


Learning for strengthening cultural identity

Users of the Centre may record family stories, songs, accounts of history and important events and store these in the Centre’s cultural database along with photographs and film footage. This material can be accessed at each of the Learning Community Centres.