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Date:December 14, 2012

Aboriginal Environmental Health Workers Graduation 2012

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We currently have 7 Aboriginal Environmental Health Workers (AEHW) that have successfully completed Cert III in Environmental Health The AEHW’s are employed by the following  Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (CCO’s) within rural & remote regions of SA

  • Ceduna Koonibba Aboriginal Health Service: 1 Aboriginal Environmental Health Worker (AEHW)
  • Scotdesco Aboriginal Corporation: 2 (AEHW)
  • Pika Wiya Health Service: 3 (AEHW)
  • Umoona Tjutagku Health Service: 1 (AEHW)


Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education from the Northern Territory has been our service provider for the past 18 months in delivering the Cert III Environmental Health program, which has Australia wide accreditation for the trainees.

One of the key issues for the program has been securing ongoing  funding and sustainability to ensure there  are employment opportunities for the AEHW’s at the completion of the COAG funding in June 2013. We have enthusiastic AEHW’S and their Organisations are also very supportive of the program and of the success assisted by the workers being employed by the CCO’s and living in their own community.

The program through Batchelor Institute has been very successful allowing the partnership with SA Health to deliver the program in a manner to allow participants to develop and gain knowledge in Environmental Health, and to pass that information into their own communities, therefore in improving Health conditions for its members.

A key ingredient ensuring success of the program was the engagement of workers and their organisations providing support, mentoring, encouragement and guidance, with the enthusiasm of Tony Wehr delivering the training units and my experience in the Environmental Health field giving clear practical examples of best  practices in the field.

We are currently seeking further funding for the Environmental Health program through the COAG funding office to secure at least another  year to allow the AEHW’s to develop further project management skills in delivering future Environmental Health programs to improve the living and health conditions in rural & remote Aboriginal communities. We believe our program has been successful and will continue to seek ongoing funding to allow this positive work to continue.

Phillip Graham
Coordinator Aboriginal Environmental Health
SA Health