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Date:July 10, 2012

Aly de Groot – Mermaid


Art and Craft Lecturer, Aly de Groot‘s artwork titled ‘Mermaid’, which is woven from fishing line, has been chosen in the pre-selection in the fibre works category for the prestigious City of Hobart Art Prize. The exhibition opens in Hobart later this year.

‘Aly is a visual artist from Northern Australia who takes the traditions of basket-making and weaving then drags them kicking and screaming into strange new places’

As seen on Art Nation, ABC TV, March, 2011

Aly de Groot , who is currently a Lecturer in Visual Art and Contemporary Craft at Batchelor, is a Darwin artist, influenced by the diversity of cultures and the intensity of climate and landscape in Northern Australia. Since 1994, she has been adopting and adapting basket-making and natural dying techniques learnt from Indigenous, non-indigenous and international basket makers and textile artists.