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An-nguliny Rarrk – a collaboration featuring Maningrida artist Mick Marrawa England


Left to Right: Kate O’Hara, Co-ordinator Maningrida Arts and Culture, Artsworker Derek Carter, artist Mick Marrawa England and Batchelor Institute linguist Margaret Carew. Photo: Simon Murphy.

Maningrida Arts and Culture and Batchelor Institute Press are extremely proud to present a new book, called An‑nguliny Rarrk, celebrating the work of Gun‑nartpa artist Mick Marrawa England from Gochan Jiny-jirra in Arnhem Land. This book accompanies a fine show of bark paintings that was opened at Art Mob Gallery in Hobart on 13 October 2017. The book was designed by Brudelin MacLean Design, and their sensitive layout does great justice to the works.

Marrawa continues a long standing artistic tradition in his family. His father is the celebrated artist England Banggala (deceased) and his sister Dorothy Galaledba won the Telstra Art Award for bark painting in 2000. Mick has undertaken a strong reinterpretation of his ancestral designs, asserting that ‘my rarrk is different’. Marrawa’s negotiations of continuity and tradition are explored in the book, written by Margaret Carew and drawing from extensive interviews with Marrawa about his works. The book is accompanied by a number of short films and readers can use the QR codes in the book to link to these.

Thankyou to  everyone at Maningrida Arts and Culture for their support for this project and Euan Hill and staff from Art Mob Gallery for presenting the works for sale and their wonderful hospitality.


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