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Date:July 05, 2021

Batchelor Institute graduates snapped up by Maningrida construction company

Maningrida graduates step straight into jobs

Maningrida graduates step straight into jobs

Twelve Maningrida-based Batchelor Institute graduates recently donned their robes to accept their Certificate II in Construction (CPC20112) and stepped straight into jobs.

Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation’s Housing, Homeland and Construction division has employed all 12 graduates to work on housing and construction projects in Maningrida.

The graduates, who range from 19 to 50 years old, were able to train at home in Maningrida under the stewardship of Batchelor Institute’s community-based VET lecturer.

The graduates learned valuable on-the-job skills by building a shade structure for the local ‘Bright Futures’ women’s group to work outdoors.

They also used locally manufactured mud bricks to build a fire pit and seating area.

Maningeida graduates

Acting Batchelor Institute CEO Gareth Allison said meaningful employment is the ultimate goal for VET students, and to have 12 construction graduates gain immediate employment in their community was phenomenal.

“This achievement highlights the importance of Batchelor Institute’s commitment to offering culturally appropriate, relevant training that connects students to real jobs at home,” Mr Allison said.

“Through undertaking practical training in their community, students learn with their families and peers support and get a sense of how their work can contribute and what future employment will be like, all without leaving home.

“We also know from experience that these graduates will be role models and inspire friends and relatives to further their education.

“I congratulate our graduates on their commitment to their training and wish them well in their new industry.”