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Date:February 25, 2021

Batchelor Institute Launches Seminar Series on Aboriginal Knowledge


A culturally rich monthly seminar series revealing a plethora of Aboriginal knowledge, will be launched by Batchelor Institute this Friday.
The new series of lectures and discussions will explore Indigenous people’s experience of colonialism, and the powerful feeling and attachment they have to the land.

The first seminar Kuduum Grabu: Country is Speaking to Us will be hosted by poet, historian, and Batchelor Institute’s Elder Academic, Dr Sue Stanton, to explain the meaning and messages held within “kuduum grabu” specifically, and land and country speaking to us generally.
Dr Stanton said, “It’s hard to translate “kuduum grabu, but the seminar will explain layers of meaning”.
She added, “The seminar series will strive to educate people about Aboriginal knowledge that they have not been exposed to before.”
“We want the series to be a life lesson, we want people to listen to the rustle of the wind through the leaves and learn,” she said.
Featuring an impressive lineup of speakers from around the country and the globe, the seminars will aim to strengthen understanding through sharing knowledge and stories.


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