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Batchelor Institute Seminar Series: Socio-Economic Problems of Sanitary Working Women, by Raj Koppula

Raj Koppula

Event: Socio-Economic Problems of Sanitary Working Women
Date: Friday 27 August 2021
Time: 11am – 12 noon ACST
Location: Lunch Room, Purple 10, Batchelor Campus
Online link:
Who: All staff, students and members of the general public are invited to attend. Please share this invitation among your networks.


About this seminar:

This presentation will commence with a background to the Indian caste system, which sheds some light on how the society works to better understand the lives of people who work as sanitary workers.

The PhD was undertaken to “Study the Socio-Economic Problems of Sanitary Working Women in Vijayawada Municipal Corporation of Andhra Pradesh”. As part of the study, interviews were conducted with 300 female employees. Employees were informed of the background of the study and were given the opportunity to help their own people by participating in the interview process to give an insight into their personal socio-economical challenges etc. The study had its findings and concluded with a few recommendations to improve the lives of the female employees.

The study was inspired by the non-teaching staff that were working at the school, where Raj worked prior to arriving in Australia.

About Raj Koppula:

Dr Rajesh (Raj) Koppula currently manages corrections project in NT. Raj has 20 years of teaching and senior level management experience in India and Australia. Raj held the role of a Principal at Heralds High School, Hyderabad (India), Raj immigrated to Australia in 2010. Since arrival, Raj gained experience of working in the remote Aboriginal communities of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Immigration Detention Centres in Darwin. Prior to taking the role of Director, Corrections at Batcheor Institute, Raj also worked as Senior Lecturer, for Batchelor Institute at the Darwin Correctional Centre (DCC). Raj worked as an Industry Vocational Education and Training Officer (NTDCS) at DCC. Raj has strong expertise in building and managing new projects, exploring new employment and education opportunities along with professional development background, and in the strategic policy development and implementation, monitoring, analysing, and evaluating change management process.