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Because of her I can – Innabaarn returned home

Nannup-sliderAlison Nannup and the cover of Alice Nannup’s Book

Alison Nannup, a Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education student, has received the exciting news that her poem was recognised in this year’s ‘Poetry on the Move: Inhabiting Language’ festival.

On Sunday 16th September it was announced at the University of Canberra that ‘Innabaarn’ was second runner up in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Poetry Prize.

Innabaarn’ tells the story of the life of Alison’s Grandmother Alice Nannup (nee Bassett)…

This was the remarkable woman from Abydoss Station
Her legacy lives on through all her relations
As you’re going about your day
You may be wondering what’s beyond the dismay
Stop and remember
Those women before us
Strength is in our blood, it’s part of our DNA

Alison Nannup

Alison Nannup is a young Noongar and Yinjibarnbi woman who lives in Whadjuk boodja (Perth). She comes from a long line of story tellers and published writers including her grandmother Alice Nannup (When the Pelican Laughed) and her father Dr Noel Nannup (Moondang-ak Kaaradjiny – The Carers of Everything).

“The prize means that like Granma, as an Aboriginal woman I too have the capacity to highlight the plight of our people and the ability to carry through all that she fought and stood for” Alison said.

It was through a Linguistics degree, which Alison is currently studying, she was introduced to the creative writing genre.

“Creative writing is a … powerful method to spark emotions and feelings within the reader to portray truthful stories such as my Grandmother’s, and the many people out there, who have also stood strong and resilient in the face of adversity” Alison said.

Alison’s university learning journey began when she enrolled in the Preparation for Tertiary Success (PTS) course through Batchelor Institute in Alice Springs. After completing PTS Alison was equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence to enrol in the Bachelor of Indigenous Languages and Linguistics (BILL) course.

A talented writer of both fiction and non-fiction, Alison’s published work includes a Noongar language book and an academic paper about both-ways research. The Bindi-bindi koondarminy wer Maamoong waangka stories were passed on to Alison from her father and in 2013 she published them in Noongar language through Batchelor Press.

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