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Building lifelong learning skills in Warlpiri communities


Batchelor Institute and CLC Community Development staff at Desert Peoples Centre (DPC) Campus in Alice Springs.


Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education is continuing its involvement with the Warlpiri Education and Training Trust (WETT) by entering a new contract with the Trustee, the Kurra Aboriginal Corporation. Batchelor Institute staff, in collaboration with the WETT Advisory Committee, are highly motivated to continue developing lifelong learning skills through the WETT Community Learning Centres in the four Warlpiri communities: Lajamanu, Willowra, Yuendumu and Nyirrpi.

The Warlpiri Education and Training Trust (WETT) was established by traditional owners using royalties from mining operations in the Tanami region. Trust income is used to achieve education and training outcomes prioritised by Warlpiri people. It supports a wide range of programs targeting all members of the community from early childhood to adult.

Community development through education is a shared goal between the two organisations. The project extension means an exciting time for Batchelor and WETT for the year ahead

Batchelor Institute’s Alice Springs based Senior Advisor Community Engagement, Jo Moloney said she is very excited to have the opportunity to continue working on the WETT project. At the Learning Community Centres, the team is working closely with local Aboriginal people in the communities and industry partners. Both are vital in ensuring that the Batchelor Institute’s education and training is relevant to the workplace and they will assist in putting in place pathways that lead to employment for the students.

“The WETT Learning Centres are shaped by the needs of each community, the Centres focus on three areas of learning and community engagement: learning for work, learning for life and wellbeing, and learning for strengthening cultural identity,” said Ms Moloney.

“The Batchelor Institute has a special focus on remote Northern Territory communities. It has strong presence in central Australian region with its Learning Community Centres. Nyirrpi, Lajamanu, Willowra, and Yuendumu have quickly become vital hubs of formal and informal learning and community activity. Situated in the civic heart of these communities, the Centres are supported by a Batchelor Institute Coordinator. Local people are employed in a range of roles essential to the outreach, learning support and day-to-day operations of the Centres.”

The partnership between Batchelor Institute, the Warlpiri Education Training Trust (WETT) and the Central Land Council, which administers WETT under its Community Development Program, has been ongoing since 2010. Over the years this has created vibrant community hubs in Warlpiri Communities.

Batchelor Institute and WETT are well positioned and ready to achieve WETT project objectives together. By supporting these Centres, Batchelor Insitute and WETT are providing the opportunity to support Warlpiri who are strong in their own identity and culture, engaged in learning, and confident, motivated and skilled to pursue pathways to further learning, employment and meaningful life pathways.