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Date:October 23, 2017

Cambodian academics visit Batchelor


Batchelor Institute recently hosted a visiting group of 15 Cambodian academics from the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) through our partnership with Charles Darwin University. The visit formed part of a seven-week long Australia Awards Fellowship program that delivered training to the academics in Quality Assurance in higher education curricula. The Fellows received training from colleagues involved in Quality Assurance either as academics, administrators, program directors and quality evaluators.

The group visited our Batchelor Campus and were given a Welcome to Kungarakan Country by Dr Sue Stanton and Rena Stanton of the Office of Elder Academic and Cultural Leadership.

Dr Sue Stanton, Noressa Bulsey and Rena Stanton then gave the visiting academic group a brief historical, social and cultural presentation which introduced them to the Traditional Owner-Custodian & Elder roles and responsibilities. This was followed by a brief overview of the lay of the land and some cultural practices associated with that, as well as a quick overview of the history of Batchelor Institute’s establishment and work over the past 43 years.

The group was very interested in attaining cultural knowledge and sharing of knowledge in relation to education; colonialism’s impact; ecological and medicinal knowledge and issues around intellectual property.