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FRAIM Workshops and Awards

Photo: From left to right – Student Sean Leeway, Lecturer Rebecca McLean, Senior Lecturer Evelyn Schaber, BIITE-CALL Project Manager Angela Harrison, Student Dianna Ross, Student Victor Weetra, Student Daryl Ware

Certificate IV Screen and Media students attended the ICTV- Indigenous Community Television festival FRAIM – Festival of Remote Australian Indigenous Moving-Image at the Alice Springs campus this month.

It was a huge success and ended with the ‘Ochre carpet’ gala ICTV annual Media Awards and presentations at the Alice Springs Cinema.

The Batchelor students participated in the FRAIM workshops and were judges for the awards. Three young people in the Pertame language revival project, Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics (CALL) did the ‘Know your gear’ workshop which will help them record their language work. It has got them thinking about studying the Batchelor Media Course.

Batchelor was well represented in the awards. The Media Lecturer Rebecca McLean accepted the Award for Best Music Video for the Baker Boy clip of Marryuna which she produced in 2018. Yokkara, made with the support of CALL took out first prize in the Our Tucker Award.