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Date:August 21, 2013

Inspiring future students


Bernadine Hooker, Batchelor Institute graduate in Education Support 2013, has put a photo of herself receiving her award on the wall of the Grade 3 & 4 classroom she works in. After explaining to the students the significance of the event she told them it doesn’t matter how old you are you can still learn new things, after all she is still doing that and achieving wonderful rewards.

Bernadine told the students that they too could one day be dressed like this and stand proud of their learning achievements:

“One of the boys, seems to really have taken this possibility to heart. This little one was a child that nobody could get through to in any way last year and now I have caught him gazing at the photo. I can see him thinking and I wonder whether he is imagining himself. Now when the students get off task I urge them to think about their learning and where it can take them one day.”Bernadine Hooker