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Date:December 02, 2013

Jeffrey James – PTS Graduate and Bachelor of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Advocacy student


“I wanted to get my skills up to go to uni as I didn’t finish Year 12.  I didn’t know what an essay was.  Starting PTS I was scared.  It was the first time I had travelled by myself and it was my first time out of Queensland.”

“The thing I like about PTS is that you are not treated like an idiot.  I did a different enabling course in Queensland before this and the teacher wasn’t very nice at all. I didn’t go back after the first semester.”

“I kept going with PTS because I wanted to challenge myself and see how far I could go.  I liked the environment at Batchelor.  I can ask lecturers questions and people don’t talk down to me.  It’s a safe environment for us Indigenous students.  During PTS I have learned the academic skills like how to write an essay and how to reference but I’ve also learned social skills and that’s made a really big difference in my life.  I always used to be the shy one but now I stand up for myself.  Even back home now I am full of confidence in myself, with other people and also with my study.”

“The other thing I love about coming to workshops is that I have made a lot of great friends who support me and believe in me too.  I’m not used to that but I’ve got used to it and I prefer it!  I also like that all our workshops are in Alice Springs because we’ve been able to form more of a learning community and we include the new people who are just starting.”

“I started the BATSIA degree in March 2013.  It’s been great but I’ve decided to change to the Bachelor of Indigenous Languages & Linguistics (BILL) in 2014.  I want to become an expert in my father’s Meriam language.  I really don’t want to lose the language as keeping it is important for staying strong in my identity. The first years of the BATSIA and BILL degrees are the same so there’s no problem with me changing.”

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