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Date:June 20, 2022

Listen up! Ngoonjook reawakens after 12-year break

Ngoonjook 36

Twelve years after Ngoonjook Edition 35, the First Nations journal is back with a new look and a timely focus on postgraduate research in Ngoonjook Edition 36.

The latest edition features thoughts and findings from Batchelor Institute’s PhD graduate alumni, honorary doctorates, and academic staff. Contributions range from the poetic to the political – often mixing both – with subjects including Indigenous language and philosophy in education, decolonisation, healing, and queer history.

Ngoonjook is published by Batchelor Press, which is based at Batchelor campus on Kungarakan Country and Warai Country. In Kungarakan language, ngoonjook means “listen up!” or “news”.

Commissioned by Assoc Prof Kathryn Gilbey from the Institute’s Graduate School, and designed by Batchelor Press publication coordinator Maurice O’Riordan, Edition 36 is available as an open-access journal in digital format, and can also be found in the Batchelor campus library and Desert People’s Centre campus library.

Edition 36 features poetry by the late Dr Kathy Mills OAM and Batchelor Institute’s Elder Academic Dr Sue Stanton, and highlights innovative research by Dr Jola Stewart Bugg and by Kaye Goyen whose PhD is currently being finalised. Furthermore, the edition features a number of peer-reviewed academic articles, including from Batchelor Institute lecturer Dr Robyn Ober, Dr Majon Williamson-Kefu, Dr Anthony Fraser, and Dr Jenny Fraser.

“Worldviews and opinions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creators are important – and for that reason, they should be preserved for evermore in the written form,” writes Dr Stanton in the foreword. “Contributors to this special Postgraduate Issue of Ngoonjook not only add to their family archives, to the Batchelor Institute collection but also make an invaluable contribution to the overall cultural heritage of the nation,” she adds.

Ngoonjook 36 is dedicated to the late Dr Rosalie Kunoth-Monks OAM, and to former Batchelor Institute lecturer Jeanie Bell who was also the editor of Edition 35. The latest edition includes work by both of these esteemed women. In a further reflection of Ms Bell’s significant academic contributions to the Institute, a new PhD scholarship has also been created in her name.

Very sadly, editor and contributor Dr David Hardy passed away soon after the publication of Ngoonjook 36. Dr Hardy was awarded his PhD in creative writing from Batchelor Institute in 2014, and was appointed Adjunct Research Fellow at the Institute in 2015. He is remembered and very greatly missed by both postgraduate students and staff alike. A scholarship fund* has been set up in Dr Hardy’s name through the Centre for Global Indigenous Futures which works to promote and advance Indigenous researchers.

This special edition highlights and celebrates past and present postgraduate scholarship at Batchelor Institute and after its hiatus, Ngoonjook is warmly welcomed back.

*For those wishing to donate to the fund, which was endorsed in the last few days of Dr Hardy’s life and will continue his work improving the lives of older queer people, please visit the “Donate” link at the top of the Centre for Global Indigenous Futures website and indicate “Dr David Hardy” in the “In memory of” section.