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Medisim Trauma Care Workshop


NLC Rangers, Batchelor Institute Staff and Care flight instructors.

On the 20th February, Batchelor institute hosted Care flights Medisim Trauma Care workshop.

The 1-day training workshop focuses on how to respond to serious incidents causing multiple casualties. It is an extension to basic or advanced first aid training giving participants further knowledge and confidence to best respond to serious accidents. The Careflight nurses lead the workshop through a number of lifelike scenarios to allow hands on experience for the participants.

In remote areas, it can take a number of hours for professional emergency medical staff to attend so the initial response can greatly affect the health outcomes for the injured.

There were 26 participants from a range of local organisations including Batchelor Institute, Northern Land Council, NT Parks and Wildlife, Bushfires NT, Belyuan and Batchelor Health Clinics.

The course was scheduled to coincide with conservation and Land Management Training the NLC Rangers were participating in at Batchelor Institute during the week.

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NLC Rangers, Batchelor Institute Staff working through the scenarios.