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New students develop skills, knowledge and confidence at Batchelor Institute


Batchelor Institute, Alice Springs, warmly welcomes all the students undertaking courses here on the Desert Knowledge Precinct in 2018.

Among the courses on campus last week were Screen and Media which included students from a number of the Indigenous Media organisations in Alice Springs and around the central desert; CAAMA, PY Media, NG Media and 6PRK Halls Creek, and the latest intake of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in the highly regarded workshop-based enabling program, Preparation for Tertiary Success.

Batchelor provides a Both-ways learning space that brings together Indigenous Australian traditions of knowledge and learning, and Western academic concepts, embracing the values of respect, tolerance and diversity.

Students undertaking the Preparation for Tertiary Success (PTS) program develop the skills, knowledge and confidence required to successfully undertake university studies. Students express a passion to achieve their long term goals and they recognise that PTS is an important first step in their learning journey. Demonstrating this progression, one of the students in the Screen and Media course was a former PTS student.

Baden from Mareeba in Qld says, ‘I want to get my year 12 equivalent to qualify to study a Bachelor of Arts and then go on to make movies’.

Tiyanna from Adelaide was motivated by the thought of ‘helping and inspiring others to chase their dreams and not having to struggle in the future’. She is also motivated by ‘knowing at the end I will have confidence and direction – something that will last a lifetime’.

Brenton from Barcaldine Qld explains that, ‘This is a year away from work for me and I hope to learn new things, improve my academic knowledge and go further maybe, or open up different work pathways’.

Ruby from Alice Springs says, ‘I wanted to further my studies and go to Uni to get a diploma. My lifelong dream is to become a midwife or nurse’.

Over the last few years, PTS has also attracted a number of students from the Torres Strait Islands. Anna-Rita from Coconut Island in the Torres Strait explains that she applied for the PTS course ‘to gain more confidence in my studies before applying to University to study a Bachelor of Education’.

Lui from Thursday Island wants to gain understanding and knowledge.

Baina from Boigu Island says she came to PTS for further study

Akaaness from Darnley Island says she ‘wants to do the PTS course to learn more skills and get my knowledge and understanding back’.

Dani from Boigu Island explained that she ‘wants to do more studies and open up my mind’.

PTS is one of the higher education programs for Indigenous peoples delivered through the partnership between Batchelor Institute and Charles Darwin University. For more information about the PTS program visit the website: