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Date:February 24, 2015

NT Language Centre Support Websites

In February 2015 the Division of Higher Education and Research launched two new websites as part of the Northern Territory Language Centre Support program. These new websites support and promote language projects in Central Australia and in Maningrida.

The websites can be viewed from these links:


Central Australia

This site is the home base for language centre support activities in Central Australia. It has been developed in consultation with Arrernte custodian Harold Furber, who is also the Chair of the Desert People’s Centre .The website links to the Iltyem-iltyem sign language project and also to project pages for our publications. The website has a blog where we post news about project activities.



This site is the home base for our work with Maningrida, in parallel with the Central Australian website. It follows the same template, providing information about projects, resources and news.

The new websites provide a forum for collaboration on language projects, a place for publishing resources and information. They also promote Aboriginal languages and the work of the community teams that collaborate with the NT Language Centre support program in these two centres.

In addition to these two new project websites we are proud to announce the upgrade of the website for the Central Australian Sign Languages website, called Iltyem-iltyem. The new Iltyem-iltyem home page can be viewed here: Each of these websites will continue to develop throughout the life of the projects, and will in time provide a rich legacy resource.

The development of the websites is a collaboration between project linguist Margaret Carew, Batchelor Institute’s webmaster Kevin Arthur and consultant Ben Foley. The NT Language Centre Support program is funded by the Australian Government’s Indigenous Language Centre Support program.