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PTS teaching team wins a national university teaching award


(l-r) Catherine Maughan, Delean Holtze, Dr Lisa Hall, Angela Harrison and Joanne Forrest

Dr Lisa Hall, Catherine Maughan, Angela Harrison, Joanne Forrest and Delean Holtze from the Preparation for Tertiary Success Program (PTS) have been awarded a Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning as part of the Australian Awards for University Teaching 2018.

This is the first time in Batchelor Institute’s history that a teaching team won such a prestigious prize. In receiving a Citation, the PTS team has been recognised as being among Australia’s most exceptional university teachers. The PTS team has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to student learning through their dedication to quality teaching.

The overall assessment from the selection panel reflects the high quality and importance of the PTS program for our students:
“The innovation is of significance not only to the Institution but also to the Government which is trying to get more Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders attending tertiary education. This program is a model that demonstrates that enrolments, completions and progression can be enhanced for this student cohort to assist them in their successful transition to tertiary education.”

The PTS course has been running in its current form since 2011/2012. There are very few similar bridging programs that have a longstanding successful history in providing methodological approaches to teaching that bridge cultures to enable Indigenous academic success. The PTS program at Batchelor Institute is a unique program in that it has been in place for over a decade and has undergone a number of revisions in an attempt to create bridges between Indigenous and Eurocentric ways of knowing. The unique pedagogy and curriculum used in the PTS course offers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students the opportunity to bring their own strength and knowledge into the classroom. Students learn all the necessary skills and strategies required for them to be successfully undertake further tertiary education pathways. They gain insight and academic intelligence to navigate the western learning environment of higher education while strengthening their own Indigenous identity.

While helping many students to make a successful transition into higher education courses the PTS team has also made a significant contribution to the wider field of enabling education. The team has developed an impressive research record with publication in numerous national and international peer reviewed journals. The team has represented Batchelor Institute in several national and international conferences, sharing and promoting the pedagogical work being done in the PTS program. The reputation of Batchelor’s PTS program has moved beyond the Australian boundaries with the formation of an international partnership with the University of Lethbridge in Canada.

This is a proud moment in the history of Batchelor Institute in general and specifically for the PTS team. We would like to congratulate and thank the PTS team for their ongoing dedication and commitment to our Indigenous students.