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Date:February 24, 2015

Soil-building Workshop

Arlparra Learning Centre

Most significant achievements of week

  • Alex McLean from Aridedge horticultural consultants delivered soil-building workshops at Three Bore and Arlparra in this week beginning February 16. The photo (below) shows Alex working with Justin, Noah, Delvina, Clay (home sick from Appungalingdum School), Judy, Maureen, and Patsy. All participants are residents of Boundary Bore.

    This activity was supported by My Pathways (trainer fees), Barkly Regional Council (tools), Batchelor Institute (BI: logistics, accommodation and venue) and Medicare LocalNT (project management and consumables). It is an RJCP accredited activity (Propagate, Cultivate and Protect ID: 45717261) hosted by BI Arlparra Study Centre. This activity is ongoing. In March, with further support from My Pathways and Medicare Local NT we will be concentrating on weed eradication before moving on to irrigation and planting. Participants will be recommended for SEE, Foundation Skills or Education and Skills Development (ESD) depending on their ability to meet participation benchmarks.