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Date:July 31, 2020

The passing of Dr John Ah Kit


A message of condolence from the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education Chair, Ms Pat Anderson AO, and CEO, Professor Steve Larkin.

Batchelor Institute knew Dr John Ah Kit (JAK) as a great supporter, a friend and former Interim Chair of the Batchelor Institute Council 2012-2013.

We owe JAK a huge thanks, for his personal commitment to First Nations education and to Batchelor Institute.

JAK’s educational journey was truly inspirational. Reflecting on his return to study at the Aboriginal Task Force as a young man in 1977, Jak said:
“I knew that if I wanted to be somebody, I couldn’t do it without having a formal degree or diploma. A piece of paper that I could say to non-indigenous people in the bureaucracy: ‘I’m not being put into an earmarked … position because of my colour and my Aboriginality. I’m going to be given a job as the best person that can do the job with qualifications.”

You were absolutely the best man for the job, Dr John Ah Kit. We will miss your sharp intellect, your humour and strength.
Rest in Peace.