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Dr Myfany Turpin

Adjunct Research Fellow and Academic Consultant
Relationship between language and music, Indigenous languages


  • Name: Dr Myfany Turpin
    Position: Adjunct Research Fellow
    Research focus: Relationship between language and music, Indigenous languages

    Myfany Turpin was appointed as Adjunct Research Fellow in 2015.
  • Myfany Turpin has conducted extensive fieldwork on Central Australian Aboriginal songs and languages. Her research interests include the relationship between language and music, indigenous languages; and identifying ways to support the continuation of endangered languages and performance arts.

    More specifically, her work examines song-poetry in a variety of Arandic languages and Warlpiri, and its relationship to spoken languages.

    She is also involved in linguistic documentation of the Aboriginal language Kaytetye as well as Indigenous ecological knowledge and the lexicon in Arandic languages.