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Our Research

Batchelor Institute researchers are involved in research at all stages of education, including early childhood and primary and secondary education, tertiary enabling programs, vocational training and other pathways to employment and higher education. Institute Researchers Dr Henk Huijser and Dr Jurg Bronnimann are part of a group of researchers considering student retention and learning analytics, while Dr Eva McRae-Williams, Rena Stanton, Dr Henk Huijser  Huijser and Adjunct Research Fellow, Dr Chie Adachi are examining language, aspirations and identity amongst language students at Batchelor Institute.

Associate Professor Lyn Fasoli has teamed with Ms Bonnie Moss from Menzies School of Health Research to develop an options paper to assist the Warlpiri Early Childhood Care and Development Program to find a clear focus for the way forward for early childhood care and development (ECCD) in Warlpiri communities. They are undertaking this by providing a comparative analysis of existing successful ECCD programs being implemented locally, nationally and internationally, developing options and recommendations for ECCD intervention models and frameworks suitable for remote Aboriginal communities in Central Australia.

Dr Fasoli has worked closely with government and non-government agencies and with local communities to undertake research which supports Indigenous children. Working in collaboration with Alison Wunungmurra and Damien Howard and funded by the Northern Territory Department of Education, Dr Fasoli undertook a major project between 2011 and 2014 on the prevention of Conductive Hearing Loss in Remote Indigenous Communities. This research project evaluated effective practices in hearing loss prevention in remote Indigenous community contexts and, in consultation with stakeholders, developed a cross agency strategy to reduce the incidence of conductive hearing loss in children from birth to four years in Territory Growth Towns. Based on the research report, the cross-agency Conductive Hearing Loss Parenting Strategy was developed, including a resource pack.