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Dr Jillian K Marsh

Director Graduate School

  • Name: Dr Jillian K Marsh
    Position:Director Graduate School


    Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Aboriginal Studies); Doctor of Philosophy (Environmental Studies); Major in Linguistics; Major in Sociology
  • I am of Adnyamathanha descent and member of the Yura community of the northern Flinders Ranges region of South Australia where I grew up, studied and worked for many years. I frequently visit family and country and I remain strongly committed to promoting Yura Ngawarla (our language) and our cultural knowledge among younger generations of people.

    My interest in rural and regional development includes community engagement between Indigenous traditional owners and other Indigenous interest groups and the mining industry; advancement of Indigenous Education; excellence in Indigenous led research; and advancement of rural women's issues. I have worked as a Research Assistant in Aboriginal Education, and as a Research Fellow in Aboriginal Health. I am also experience in working in Community Legal Education and Natural Resource Management Community Engagement.

    In 2008 I was awarded Joint Recipient of the Nuclear Free Futures Award in recognition of many years of activism and education in regard to the expansion of the nuclear industry in Australia and elsewhere.

    In 2011 I graduated from my doctoral studies which made a strong contribution to Human Geography and other multidisciplinary areas relevant to Indigenous peoples dealing with commercial development on their lands. As an Early Career Researcher I am determined to excel in Indigenous Research and regard myself as an ambassador for future Indigenous researchers, and a mentor and ethical collaborator working with others in Indigenous research.

    Further biographical and related information on Dr Jillian K Marsh can be found here.
  • Currently I am involved in a range of Aboriginal health projects, some of which include a research component. I work closely with organisations such as the Lowitja Institute, and the Cancer Council of SA.

    Current Joint Research with Batchelor Institute

    I am currently writing a joint paper with Dr Sue Stanton on the topic of Aboriginal medicines and therapies in mainstream Australian health. It is possible this may also develop into a research proposal.

    Jillian is second supervisor for Marla Billy and has also acted as second supervisor for Kathryn Gilbey and Jeanie Bell.

    Jillian is also having discussions with other students at Batchelor regarding possible participation in their supervisory panels.

    Jillian also co-supervises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and non-Indigenous students from Curtin University, and University of South Australia.