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Our Researchers

Associate Professor Lyn Fasoli has led a number of research projects in the areas of Indigenous children’s services and early childhood. One recent project examined effective practices in hearing loss prevention in children from birth to four years in Northern Territory growth towns. Working closely with two communities, the research team identified cross agency strategies to maximise prevention and intervention in order to reduce the incidence of conductive hearing loss. This project includes the development of a parenting strategy and resource pack.

Robyn Ober is a lead researcher at Batchelor Institute who has published in the areas of Indigenous tertiary education, identity and culture, both-ways and Aboriginal English. Her research has included Indigenous educational leadership and she has been at the forefront in the development of both-ways pedagogy in combining Indigenous and non-Indigenous ways of knowing, being and learning in teaching practice and in research. She was awarded an Indigenous Research Collaborations Fellowship in 2012 to advance her doctoral investigation into identity and culture expressed in Aboriginal English.