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Research Ethics


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Batchelor Institute researchers have a long tradition of meeting the highest possible research integrity standards. Ethical clearance and approval must be obtained for all research projects undertaken in association with the Institute.

As an Institute we acknowledge that all research involves degrees of risk for researchers, research collaborators, participants and communities. It is recognised and respected that current codes and guidelines for ethical research conduct in Australia prioritise the protection of First Nations peoples from exploitation and harm. It is also acknowledged that a majority of researchers engaged in First Nations research are non-Indigenous and that ethics application and approval processes are targeted at this population rather than for First Nations researchers.

In response Batchelor Institute has established a Research Ethics Advisory Committee which provides advocacy, additional support, guidance and, on ‘low risk’ applications approval for Institute researchers and Higher Degree by Research candidates.

The Committee:

  • Reviews and provides feedback on ethical considerations and risks associated with First Nations research projects associated with the Institute
  • Provides research approvals for ‘low risk’ First Nations research
  • Refers to NHMRC registered Human Research Ethics Committees all First Nations research that is more than ‘low risk’. Providing advocacy and additional support to First Nations applicants in order to foster successful HREC approvals
  • Identifies other bodies where approval for a research project may need to be sought
  • Records all ethics applications associated with the Institute including submission, review, notices of conditional and final approval and approvals for variation


Batchelor Institute researchers and HDR candidates can submit to the Committee in a number of ways:

  • Complete the Institutes Research Ethics Form. This is particularly suited to researchers who may be undertaking low risk research and/or for HDR candidates seeking support with identifying relevant Human Research Ethics Committees and submitting successful applications for clearance and approval.
  • Complete an Ethics Application form from any of the NHMRC registered Human Research Ethics Committees. This is suited to researchers and HDR candidates who have identified a HREC of choice and who wish to receive additional guidance before submission to enhance clearance and approval success.
  • Submit an approved HREC application for Institute noting and monitoring, including all notices of conditional and final approval and approvals for variation. All Institute based (and/or associated) researchers have a responsibility to provide ethical clearance and approval information to the EAC on all research projects proposed and undertaken.


Submission Deadlines 2022
21 July 2022 (Committee sits on 28 July)
15 September 2022 (Committee sits on 22 September)
17 November 2022 (Committee sits on 24 November)


Batchelor Institute Ethics Advisory Committee (EAC) Submission Form