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Research Ethics


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Batchelor Institute researchers have a long tradition of meeting the highest possible research integrity standards. Research ethics applications for research led by staff and candidates at Batchelor Institute are considered by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) Human Research Ethics Committee. AIATSIS is Australia’s premier national, multidisciplinary research institution focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies with their Guidelines on Ethical Research in Indigenous Studies endorsed by Batchelor Institute researchers. Batchelor Institute supports staff and candidates to achieve the ethics outcomes through providing an initial review and feedback process through the Institute’s Research Committee.   This arrangement provides an independent and strengthened research and ethics review process.

To apply for research ethic clearance all Institute staff and research candidates must first submit an Ethics Clearance Proposal and Participant Information Sheet and Informed Consent form  (links available on this page – to the Institutes Research Committee. Valuable feedback is provided by the Institute’s Research Committee to enable timely submission to the AIATSIS HREC.

The Institute carefully manages and communicates the timelines of application submissions so that staff and candidates are not disadvantaged.

Please see the Research Calendar for dates when the Committees sit.