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Support, Training & Resources

PhD & Masters’ candidates have access to:

  • Library services and research databases
  • Support from the Graduate School and other Research staff as appropriate
  • Annual allowance for research expenses
  • Conference Fund on an application and case-by-case basis
  • A laptop computer on a loan basis – where need can be demonstrated.
  • A dedicated workspace and necessary office facilities, when on campus

Student Fees and Financial Support

Candidates undertaking a postgraduate research program, at PhD and Masters by Research levels, are covered by the Research Training Program (RTP), which provides a full fee off-set for candidate studies.

A limited number of Research Training Program stipends are available to PhD and Masters by Research candidates through a competitive application process.

Research Training and Research Planning

Individual professional and personal development aspirations are fundamental to these higher degree research programs.

The Research Training Calendar lists research-related activities within the Institute and its partner research organisations.

The following table of information is provided to support and guide PhD and Masters by Research candidates. In addition to these policies and guidelines, candidates should make themselves aware of their rights and obligations at Batchelor Institute, as specified here.

Activity Policy/Guideline Form
Higher Degree by Research Programs
  • Masters Degree of Indigenous Perspectives by Research Information Booklet
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Indigenous Perspectives Information Booklet
HDR Admission HDR01 – Application for admission
HDR02 – Research Project Proposal
HDR03 – Referee Report
HDR04 – Supervisor Recommendation
HDR Enrolment
  • Guidelines: Candidate Social and Emotional Support
HDR13 – HDR Enrolment
Request for Student ID card
HDR15 – Request for Business card
HDR16 – Laptop Loan Agreement
HDR17 – Change of Enrolment
HDR18 – Change to Candidature
HDR19 – Change of Address
HDR20 – Request for Leave of Absence
HDR21 – Discontinuation of HDR Program
HDR Supervision Panels
  • Guidelines: Higher Degree by Research Supervision and Mentoring
HDR05 – Supervisor – Candidate Agreement
HDR06 – Panel Supervisor Agreement
HDR Qualifying Process HDR07 – Masters IP ICRP
HDR27 – Masters IK ICRP
HDR09 – Qualifying Panel Nomination/Notification
HDR10 – Qualifying Panel Report
HDR Candidate Progress
  • Guidelines: Higher Degree by Research Candidate Progress
HDR11 – Candidate Progress Report
HDR12 – Supervisor Progress Report
Research Ethics
  • Batchelor Institute Research Ethics Policy
  • Guidelines for Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies (AIATSIS)
Batchelor Institute Ethics Application
Plain language statement
HDR Financial & Scholarship HDR22 – Candidate Financial Support Application
HDR23 – Conference funding application form
HDR Thesis submission
  • Guidelines: Presentation of thesis
HDR Examination
  • Guidelines: Higher Degree by Research examination
HDR24 – Supervisor Certification form
HDR25 – Examiner Nomination Form
HDR26 – Examiner’s summary recommendation (Indigenous Perspectives)
HDR29 – Examiners summary recommendation (Indigenous Knowledges)