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‘What I love about Batchelor Institute is being in a place that values different perspectives, a place that challenges central ontologies and long-held assumptions. I learn every day and feel supported in the research team. In such a small cohort, I can do what I need to do; and what I do is valued. That’s important to me.’Dr Eva McRae-Williams

Excellence in Indigenous Research

2014 has marked a milestone for Batchelor Institute, in celebrating 40 years of delivering quality research, education and training in the Northern Territory and across Australia.

The Institute’s research success has been built on its ‘Both-ways’ philosophy, bringing together Indigenous Australian traditions of knowledge and non-Indigenous academic disciplinary positions and cultural contexts.

Tied to a philosophy that values respect, tolerance and diversity, Batchelor Institute has built strong partnerships with Indigenous communities, based on best-practice models of ethically-based community collaboration. The Institute’s success in remote delivery of services is built on aligning programs to community aspirations, thereby gaining increased community ownership.

Batchelor Institute’s research projects, programs and activities are distinguished by a commitment to the centering and privileging of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges and perspectives. This is a key reason why Batchelor Institute continues to attract highly committed individuals looking to be part of the Institute’s research success.

Higher Degrees by Research

Batchelor Institute offers higher degree courses in Indigenous Perspectives by Research, at the PhD and Masters levels. These are offered in or across the specialisations of Indigenous Education, Indigenous Languages and Indigenous Creative Arts. At the centre of these two programs is recognition of the richness and diversity of Indigenous perspectives, ontologies, epistemologies and methodological approaches. More information on the higher degrees can be found here.

Innovation and Collaboration

The Institute’s research is managed through the Division of Higher Education and Research, led by Dr Peter Stephenson.

In 2012, the Institute embarked on a major new program, Indigenous Research Collaborations (IRC), supported through the Commonwealth Government’s Collaborative Research Network fund. This program has advanced the Institute’s research capacity in its three specialisations:

Collaboration is at the heart of this program’s success, with the Institute joining with four major national research institutions to strengthen existing and forge new Indigenous research and researcher development links. The IRC partners are:

Through these collaborations, Batchelor Institute is meeting the broader, national need for Indigenous research and researcher capacity building. Under the Indigenous Research Collaborations program, Batchelor Institute awarded three PhD Fellowships:
  • Jeanie Bell is researching the changing use of traditional kinship terminology in two contrasting Aboriginal communities
  • Kathryn Gilbey’s project, Looking Back to Move Forward researches the space where Indigenous education meets the colonizer. She submitted her PhD in Semester 1, 2014.
  • Robyn Ober is investigating identity and culture expressed in Aboriginal English, and on the use of Aboriginal English in the tertiary education context.

More information on the Institute’s objectives of building research capacity, expertise and resources can be found in the Research Plan (2016-2020).