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Bachelor of Nursing (Pre-registration)


Karen Noonan
Course Coordinator – Bachelor of Nursing (Pre-registration)
Division of Higher Education and Research

Phone: 08 8946 7125
Casuarina Campus, Darwin, NT 0815


The Bachelor of Nursing course has a particular focus on the perspectives and needs of Indigenous people and the tropical and desert environments of the Northern Territory including remote communities, within an evidence-based, multidisciplinary, teaching and learning framework.

The underpinning principles of comprehensive primary health care, namely: cultural safety in practice, in particular to addressing the needs of Indigenous and multi-cultural Australians; recognising the value of using a population health approach for the prevention, early detection and management of chronic diseases; providing appropriate evidence-based care; and the ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams is embedded throughout the Bachelor of Nursing program in both content and assessment.

These principles combined with education in the range of core knowledge and specialist technical nursing skills ensure that graduates can retrieve and apply knowledge and information to respond appropriately and ethically to the needs of diverse populations and function professionally as a Registered Nurse in a regional and global context. Specifically, this course will focus on Territory and regional issues, including Indigenous health, remote health practice, and innovative approaches to primary health care.

The course will have a range of flexible multi modal delivery options that will include workshops, Learnline, face-to-face delivery and external. All students must attend and pass a one-week clinical teaching block for every year of full-time equivalent study. Students must also complete clinical placement units.

The course has a range of flexible multi modal delivery options:

  • Students will use this program to access information about the units that they are enrolled in. This information will included unit information, topic lecture notes, assessment details, discussion boards, other resources e.g. readings and staff contact numbers. As Learnline is used with all units in the course it is important that students own or have access to a computer and the internet.
  • Students who are working or may have other commitments may choose to study externally. This means that they do not have to come to workshops but can do their study using the Learnline system. Regular contact with Bachelor of Nursing staff will enable them to discuss their progress and any issues they may have in regards to their study.


The South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) receives and processes applications for admission. To apply for a course through SATAC you will need to submit your application online through their website

If you require further information about SATAC please contact Michele Willsher, Batchelor Institute Academic Advisor on 8946 7402.