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Academic support

The role of the Academic Support Advisors (ASA’s) at Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education is to assist and counsel students and lecturers to make informed decisions with respect to students reaching their educational goals.

The role focuses on consulting with staff and students about difficulties with academic skills and practices and negotiating suitable responses to those needs. The role will also connect students to a range of other resources for special assistances including Library, ITAS, Disability Services and other avenues for student counselling as required.

The aim of the role is to improve the academic progress of all Batchelor Institute students through this consultancy, with an emphasis on case managing students experiencing barriers to their academic success. This is a confidential service and students should feel free to approach an ASA to discuss any issue which may be affecting their studies.

In some instances, students will be referred to an ASA if they are identified as being “at risk”. For example, if a student is issued with a “show cause” notice they would be asked to speak with an ASA in an effort to assist their performance.

Study Skills Resources

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