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Access an ASA

STUDENTS can contact an ASA at any time for any reason that may be affecting their studies. They will enter into a confidential discussion about their issues, which will result in advice, assistance, strategies and referrals to other departments. The ASA will track the progress of the student and will seek feedback on the students efforts from any other departments involved in their case. Ultimately, the goal is for students to have access to a coordinated support network that assists them in their learning journey.

LECTURERS referring students need to approach an ASA start the discussion and then follow up on the progress of the student. For example, lecturers who have identified a student who is struggling with their studies should approach them in a professional and sensitive way and suggest they access the ASA. In situations where students have been asked to “show cause” by the Institute, they should be automatically referred by their lecturer or senior lecturer to the ASA. This referral is compulsory. Batchelor Institute has a commitment to providing support for students and a student who is asked to show cause is certainly in a position of risk.

LECTURERS seeking advice should approach an ASA, start the discussion and see if there is something the ASA can help them with. For example, the ASA may be able to provide advice, resources, ready-made documents and the like that assist the lecturer with their unit delivery. As more and more items are generated, they become a stockpile of useful resources that may assist other lecturers in the future.