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External services

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission was established in 1986. Our goal is to foster greater understanding and protection of human rights in Australia and to address the human rights concerns of a broad range of individuals and groups. We have a particular focus on race, sex and disability discrimination, as well as the rights of Indigenous Australians. We are an independent statutory organisation and report to the federal Parliament through the Attorney-General.
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Carpentaria Disability Services Inc

Carpentaria Disability Services Inc (CDS) is a non-government organisation that provides a range of services to person with disabilities in the Northern Territory. The Organisation aims to promote inclusive opportunities for persons with disabilities in employment, training, accommodation and leisure domains. This is achieved by teaching various skills and equipping consumers with coping mechanisms and self-esteem and ultimately should enable persons with disabilities to achieve their full potential as valued members of the community.
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Australian Hearing Service

For hearing tests and provision of hearing aids. Assistance will need to be sought through your medical provider in your state/territory.
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Australian Communication Exchange (ACE)

Australian Communication Exchange (ACE) is a not-for-profit, Australian organisation dedicated to empowering those who are deaf or have a hearing, speech or communication impairment, to obtain access to the telephone and other telecommunication networks.
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Spectacle/Eye Glass Schemes – Assistance will need to be sought through your Medical Provider in your own state/territory.

For Centrelink pension/health care card holders assistance is provided through your local optometrist/hospital or, for Northern Territory residents, the Community Services Department.


Disability Discrimination Act protects of rights of individuals who are affected by physical impairment, medical illness or intellectual disability. Visit the Australian Human Rights Commission for more information.