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Batchelor Campus

  • Batchelor Campus is located in the heart of the town of Batchelor, which is 100 kms due South of Darwin. Batchelor is a small township of approximately 500 people of which a significant portion are of Indigenous origin.

    Batchelor township started slowly, with brief spurts of mining activity until World War II when in the 1950s a prospector named Jack White discovered uranium deposits at nearby Rum Jungle. Legend has it that Rum Jungle earned its name after an incident in 1871. Apparently a bullock-wagon load of rum became bogged near jungle in the East Finniss River prompting the fearless bullockies to settle in for one of the most notorious binges in Northern Territory history.

    The local airfield was substantially upgraded during World War II, becoming a major base for both Royal Australian Air Force and United States Army Air Forces in the defence of Australia.

    The township of Batchelor facilities include a police station, post office and a public swimming pool.There are also community sports facilities including playing fields, a skate park, basketball and tennis courts.
  • Batchelor a township is widely known as the gateway to Litchfield National park.

    Together with stunning tropical waterfalls and swimming holes, this is a truly beautiful destination. Litchfield National Park features numerous waterfalls which cascade from a sandstone plateau called the Tabletop Range, monsoon rainforests, intriguing magnetic termite mounds and historical sites.

    The Batchelor Butterfly and Bird Farm are also well worth a visit. As well as showcasing a unique range of butterflies and birds in pleasant waterfall garden, the farm offers budget accommodation and has a licensed restaurant on site.