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Campus Maps

  • Batchelor Campus

    1 Administration/Reception/Executive
    2 Finance/Student & Staff Travel
    3 Art Room
    4 HR
    5 Information and Communications Technology
    6 Facilities & Fleet/Classrooms
    7 Coomalie Art Centre
    8 Library
    9 Research & Higher Education
    10 Further Education
    11-13 Classrooms
    14 Batchelor Press
    15 Health Clinic/Laboratory
    17 Construction
    19 Campus Operations/Bulk Store
    21-23 Horticulture Centre

    Batchelor Campus (pdf)
    24 Student Services/ITAS
    25 Student Administration/Archives
    26 BIITE Cafe/Gym/Hall
    27 Kitchen/Dining Room
    28 Security
    30 Residential Reception
    31, 34 Accommodation
    32, 33 Childcare Centre
    35 Night Patrol
    36 Storage
    37 Army Indigenous Development Program
    R1-22 Student Accommodation

  • Alice Springs Desert People's Centre

    Service buildings
    F1.1 Irrante cafe
    F1.2 Function room
    F1.3 Student Services
    I1.1 Reception
    I1.2 ICT

    Knowledge buildings

    K1 Administration
    K2 Seminar rooms
    K3 Library/Conference room
    K4 Arts & Crafts
    K5 Conservation & Land Management

    Well-being buildings
    W2.1 Science laboratory
    W2.2 Food and nutrition
    W3.1 Model clinic
    W3.2 Seminar room

    DPC (pdf)
  • Campus Locations

  • Bloomfield Street Accommodation

    A1 Art room
    A2 Art shed
    C1 Cleaners room
    K1 Kitchen and dining room
    M1 Maintenance
    N3 Computer laboratory
    N5 Student lounge
    N6 Recreation area
    R1 Residential office

    Bloomfield Street Campus (pdf)