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Batchelor Institute would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sovereign people of the lands on which our campuses are located. As we share our knowledge, teaching and learning and engage in research practices within this Institution and/or conduct business with a variety of external agencies and organisations, we must always pay respect to the sovereign status of our hosts. May their Ancestors always be remembered and honoured, their Elders listened to and respected, all members treated with dignity and fairness — in the present and well into the future.

We also acknowledge and pay respect to the knowledge embedded forever with our hosts, custodianship of country and the binding relationship they have with the land. Batchelor Institute extends this acknowledgment and expression of respect to all sovereign custodians — past, present and emerging. By expressing Acknowledgement of Country we encourage all to extend and practice respect to all First Nations people wherever their lands are located.

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Users are warned that there may be words and descriptions which may be culturally sensitive and which might not normally be used in certain public or community contexts. Terms and annotations, which reflect the author’s attitude or that of the period in which the item was written, may be considered inappropriate today in some circumstances.
Deceased persons
Users of the website should be aware that, in some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, seeing images of deceased persons in photographs, film and books or hearing them in recordings may cause sadness or distress and in some cases, offend against strongly held cultural prohibitions.
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Materials included in this website may be subject to access conditions imposed by Indigenous communities and/or depositors. Users are advised that access to some materials may be subject to these terms and conditions which the Institute is required to maintain
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Supporting Young Mums: The Young Mums Strong Mums Program and Batchelor Institute
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At Batchelor Institute, we focus on fostering both academic and personal growth for all our students. The Young Mums Strong Mums program, which runs at the Palmerston Family and Child Centre, is a fantastic initiative that we're proud to support. Since 2017, this program has given young mothers the chance to study Certificate II and III in Community Services with Batchelor Institute, free of charge. To date, 57 students have graduated from the program, making a real difference in their lives and communities.

A Helping Hand for Young Mums

The Young Mums Strong Mums program offers a supportive community and vital resources for young mothers. It allows them to continue their education while their children are taken care of with free childcare.

Real Stories, Real Impact

Alison Krooks, a lecturer at Batchelor Institute, teaches the Community Services courses and has seen the positive impact on the students.

“In this course, students learn a variety of skills to help them become job-ready,” Alison explains. “We start with basic communication skills, reading, writing, and then move on to specific skills needed in the community services sector. This includes identifying domestic and family violence, as well as child abuse. It’s quite a broad course.”

Jypsy Lee, a current student, shares her experience: “I am doing a Certificate II in Community Services. We have nine other mums in our course. I’ve learned about many good opportunities in community services and made friends while learning. I can see my child whenever I need to, which is very convenient.”

Leila, another student, adds: “I’m studying my Certificate II and III in Community Services in the Young Mums Strong Mums program. I recommend it because I can study while my daughter goes to daycare just across the corridor. When I finish my certificates, I would like to work with youth, helping them get off the streets and supporting them. If I can help someone through my experiences, I want to make Darwin a better place.”

A Pathway to Meaningful Careers

The Young Mums Strong Mums program equips students with essential skills needed in the community services sector. From understanding how to identify and address domestic and family violence to recognising signs of child abuse, the curriculum is comprehensive and geared towards real-world applications. Graduates of this program are well-prepared to make a meaningful impact in their communities, working in areas such as homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, and youth support.

The Role of Batchelor Institute

Batchelor Institute is proud to collaborate with the Young Mums Strong Mums program, providing high-quality education that blends traditional knowledge with Western educational concepts. This aligns with our Both-Ways Learning philosophy, celebrating the unique skills and knowledge of First Nations people.

Join Us in Supporting Our Community

The success stories from the Young Mums Strong Mums program highlight the importance of education and community support. At Batchelor Institute, we are committed to providing accessible education and fostering a supportive learning environment.

For more information about our programs and initiatives, browse our website or follow us on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact in the lives of young mothers and their children.