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How to Apply

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Applications for admission to Batchelor Institute Research Training Programs can be submitted at any time of year.

Application for Admission process


Admission requires the identification of a primary supervisor at the Institute and evidence of the supervisor(s) support of the application and commitment to the supervision role. Please review our current Supervisor Register, identify and make contact with an individual whose expertise aligns with your research interests.  If they have the capacity to supervisor your project they will provide support for drafting a research proposal for submission as part of your application for admission.


All candidates must apply for Admission through the Institute’s Applicant Portal.  This application will take approximately forty (40) minutes. You will need to create an account, complete the relevant sections, as well as upload any relevant documentation/information to support your application.

This includes:

  • Unique Student Identifier

    If you do not have a USI, please visit to create one.
  • A completed Supervisor Endorsement form

  • A Research Project Proposal

    All applications must be accompanied by a Research Project Proposal (1000 words) on the proposed research project. It is essential that you provide the following information to enable your application to be considered:

    • Project title – This is a working title for the proposed project. It will not necessarily reflect the final thesis title.
    • Project description & aims of research – This is where you briefly describe the research you wish to do, what your broad research question is and what the aim of the research is e.g. why you wish to do it. Highlight the benefits, positive expected outcomes or innovative applications of knowledge which your research
      will provide. (100-150 words).
    • Literature review – This is where you identify the key authors within your field of research and explain how their work and ideas have informed your own
      thinking and how their arguments are supportive of your project as a promising field of study which fills a gap in knowledge. (400-500 words).
    • Overview of proposed methodology – This is where you describe the research methodology and methods you will use to answer your research question and why they are appropriate to your project. Describe any ethical considerations and/or safety issues related to your research (400-500 words).

    It is expected that you will discuss your Research project proposal with your proposed Primary Supervisor (before submitting it) and make amendments where necessary, taking into account feedback received.

    Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:
    (a) The research proposal has academic merit
    (b) The applicant has demonstrated capacity and capability to undertake the research award
    (c) The research proposal aligns with the Institute’s Research Plan (2012-2015)
    (d) The Institute has the resources (including supervision capacity) to support the applicant effectively throughout their candidature 

  • Copies of Academic Transcripts

    Batchelor Institute accepts electronic copies of Academic Transcripts.
  • The details of a relevant Referee who can report on your Academic Performance and Research potential

    Applicants for Doctoral and Master by Research candidature are required to nominate one Referee who is prepared to support their application(s). This Referee must be familiar with the applicant’s academic achievements and research background. It is recommended that the referee be the supervisor of the applicant’s most recent tertiary program.

      • The applicant will provide the Referee name and contact details in the Application for Admission via the Applicant Portal. The Graduate School will then contact the Referee to complete a Referee Report.
      • The purpose of the report is to elicit information on the applicant’s eligibility and readiness for a Higher Degree by Research program and, in the case of scholarship applicants, information which will assist in their ranking.
      • The Referee’s comments on the applicant’s qualifications, experience and research potential make a significant contribution to assessing an application for candidature.
      • Batchelor Institute is committed to ensuring the privacy of all information it collects. This report will be treated as confidential and is not intended to be made available to the applicant. However, it must be noted that an application through the Freedom of Information Act may result in the applicant gaining access to the report.
      • Applications for Admission cannot be considered without a Referee Report.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) should outline your work and life experience in Research (if using practice-based or practice-led approach to your research)


The Institutes Research Committee will review your application in a reasonable timeframe using the following criteria:

  1. The research proposal has academic merit,
  2. The applicant has demonstrated capacity and capability to undertake the research award,
  3. The research proposal aligns with the Institute’s current Research Plan,
  4. The Institute has the resources (including supervision capacity) to support the applicant effectively throughout their candidature.


If your Application for Admission is successful, you will be sent an offer by email. On acceptance of the offer, you will have one (1) year to enrol in a relevant forthcoming Semester. If you do not enrol, your offer will become void.

If your Application for Admission is unsuccessful, you will be sent an outcome by email. This may be due to one or more of the following reasons;

  • A refinement of your Research proposal is required; and/or
  • Additional supporting document(s) are required; and/or
  • Other information deemed relevant to your Application for Admission has not been supplied


The Graduate School will contact you within five (5) working days to arrange a discussion with the Graduate School Director or delegate, regarding the reason(s) for this decision.

For more information please contact the Graduate School:
Freecall:      1800 677 095