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How to Apply


Applications for admission to Batchelor Institute Research Training Programs can be submitted at any time of year.

Application process


Admission requires the identification of a primary supervisor at the Institute and evidence of the supervisor(s) support of the application and commitment to the supervision role. Please review our current Supervisor Register, identify and make contact with an individual whose expertise aligns with your research interests.  If they have the capacity to supervisor your project they will provide support for drafting a research proposal for submission as part of your application for admission.


Complete all four required components of the application for admission and forward to the Graduate School ( These include:

  • HDR01 – Application for Admission
  • HDR02 – Research Project Proposal
  • HDR03 – Referee Report
  • HDR04 – Supervisor Recommendation


The Institutes Research Committee will review your application in a reasonable timeframe using the following criteria:

  1. The research proposal has academic merit,
  2. The applicant has demonstrated capacity and capability to undertake the research award,
  3. The research proposal aligns with the Institute’s current Research Plan,
  4. The Institute has the resources (including supervision capacity) to support the applicant effectively throughout their candidature.


You will be formally contacted by the Chair of the Research Committee with one of the following outcomes:

  • Offer of admission to the program
  • Request for further information, clarification or resubmission
  • Rejection of application for admission


Detailed guidelines for admission can be found here: Higher Degree by Research (HDR) application for admission and enrolment.

Download a flow chart of the Application and Admission Process here.