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Scholarships and Support


Eligible candidates can access the RTP Fees Offset Scheme and apply for the competitive and merit-based scholarships offered under RTP Stipend Scholarships and the Indigenous Student Success Program. Candidates can also apply for financial support to travel for approved research related activities through Travel Grants.

All enrolled candidates have access to the following resources:

  • a laptop computer with standard OS and software
  • internet and email access
  • on campus work station with office facilities such as printer/scanner and stationery
  • software and library privileges equivalent to Institute staff.
  • a maximum of $250/year for pre-approved resources (books/subscriptions/specialist software for example) as agreed to through an annual Research Plan


  • RTP Fee Offset Scheme

    All Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens commencing a Higher Degree by Research Program (PhD or Master by Research) will have their tuition fees paid by the Australian Commonwealth Government under the Research Training Program (RTP) Fees Offset scheme.

    The RTP Fees Offset scheme covers program fees for a HDR student up to a maximum period of four years for full-time study for a Doctoral program, and up to a maximum period of two years for full-time study for a Masters by Research program. As part of the enrolment process, students are required to confirm their Australian citizenship or permanent residency status and provide transcripts of all previous academic study. This documentation enables Batchelor Institute to determine eligibility for an RTP Fees Offset place.

    If a student’s RTP Fees Offset entitlement expires before completion of the program, the student may be required to pay full tuition fees.

    Students eligible for an RTP Fees Offset place are those who:

    • have not used RTP Fees Offset funding in the previous three years; or
    • have already used RTP Fees Offset funding and have successfully completed a HDR program. (Once a student completes an HDR program, full entitlements of RTP Fees Offset are restored)


    The Australian Commonwealth Government’s contribution to program fees must be acknowledged on all published material relating to a research project via a statement identifying the support received through the RTP Fees Offset scheme.

  • RTP Stipend Scholarship

    A Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarship is a Commonwealth Research Scholarship. The RTP Stipend Scholarship provides funds to research candidates to assist with their living costs while undertaking a research degree. Batchelor Institute aims to provide two new RTP Stipend Scholarships per year, on a competitive basis, to individuals who have received an Offer of Admission into either the PhD or Masters by Research programs.

    The following conditions are based on the Commonwealth Scholarships Guidelines (Research) 2017 and are adapted to comply with Batchelor Institutes RTP Scholarships Policy.

    Scholarship Value: $27,596 per annum (2019 rate)

    Length of Scholarship: up to 3 years full time


    • Applicant must have received an Offer of Admission from the Research Committee Chair for the PhD or Master by Research programs at the Institute;
    • Applicant must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen;
    • Applicant must not have previously held a Government-funded postgraduate research scholarship (unless terminated within six months of commencement).
    • Applicant must not be in receipt of an equivalent award, scholarship or salary related to their course of study, eg paid Research Assistant that provides a benefit greater than 75% of their annual RTP stipend rate.


    All individuals who receive an offer of admission into a Higher Degree by Research Program will be assessed for eligibility. Using original application for admission documents supplied by candidates, eligible candidates will be ranked against assessment criteria with the two highest scoring individuals receiving a RTP scholarship offer from the Institute.

    For more information on RTP stipend scholarship rules and conditions see Batchelor Institutes RTP Scholarships Policy.

    How to Apply:

    Application is an automatic processes on receiving a successful offer of admission into a Higher Degree by Research Program at the Institute. There is no requirement to undertake a separate application process or complete additional forms.

  • Indigenous Student Success Program

    The Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP) is a Commonwealth Government Program which commenced on 1 January 2017 and provides supplementary funding to universities to help Indigenous students take on the demands of university and succeed. ISSP funding is particularly prioritised towards the support of Indigenous students who are financially disadvantaged and/or from remote and regional areas. Through this program Batchelor Institute provides eligible Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander research candidates with travel scholarships to support attendance at Master Classes, Research Workshops and/or approved professional development activities.

    ISSP scholarships are available to eligible candidates in the form of:-

    • Travel scholarships to attend masterclasses and/or coursework and tuition/supervisory intensives; and
    • Stipend scholarships for the period of a masterclass or intensive for all those eligible candidates who attend but are not recipients of a commonwealth government RTP Stipend



    • Applicant must have Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage
    • Applicant must be enrolled in an Institute Research Training Program (PhD or Master by Research)
    • Applicant must be meeting the conditions of their candidature


    How to Apply:

    To access this support the following form HDR32-ISSP Application needs to be completed and submitted to the Director of the Graduate School.

  • Travel Grants

    Funding is available from the Institute to assist research candidates with travel costs associated with research-related activities that will enhance their thesis. For further information please review the Research Candidate Travel Grant Guideline.

    Research-related activities may include the following:

    • presenting at a conference
    • data collection, including conducting interviews in a field location
    • travel to utilise equipment or resources not available at Batchelor Institute


    Grant Value: $2000 (over the duration of candidature)


    • Applicant must be currently enrolled in a Batchelor Institute Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) program;
    • Must have successfully completed the Qualifying Milestone and any subsequent Progress Reports;
    • Must not be currently considered “under review” for unsatisfactory progress; and
    • Must not have submitted for examination.


    How to Apply:

    To access this support, the form HDR33–Research Candidate Travel Grant Application needs to be completed and submitted to the Director of the Graduate School.