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Vehicle Booking System

You will need to go and obtain your EPass account before you can approve and book vehicles and approve home garaging.

First you need to obtain an EPass ID and password then you need to go into EPass. Password and ID can be obtained from Human Resources Enquiries

You will need to log into EPASS using the above details and once logged in, on the top left hand screen, choose to set up your security questions and change your password.

Once password is changed, use your EPASS username and the new password as your log in details for the vehicle booking system.

Then you can go to this link for the new VBS System to enter all your dates that you require a vehicle

If you are having trouble and need further direction on this system please download the Vehicle Booking System Manual.

Please note:
You have to use Internet Explorer as your web browser, the system will not work in other popular browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox, nor will the system work on a Mac.