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Recognised Prior Learning

What is RPL?

Batchelor Institute recognises the importance of skills and knowledge that you already have. You may have gained them through other work, study or through life experience.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that tries to match these skills and knowledge to the outcomes of your course. The Institute will recognise the qualifications and statements of attainment gained from other registered training organisations.

Applying for RPL

When you apply for RPL, your knowledge and skills are measured against the equivalent unit(s) of Competency in the relevant course. If you are successful, you will be assessed as having already completed those units in your course. This will enable you to complete your studies in less time and at less cost if you are paying fees.

It is important that you understand that you are responsible for providing all the necessary evidence to gain RPL.  It is equally important that you complete a self-assessment of your skills and knowledge to determine if RPL is an option for you. Our Quality Officer will assist you through that process.

RPL Opportunity identified at enrolment

When you enrol for a qualification and you have some experience in that field, consider RPL by completing Section 2 in the enrolment form. The initial assessment will be done by the course VET Lecturer, who determines if the RPL should proceed and will then forward it to the Quality Officer responsible for RPL. The Quality Officer will then contact you for an interview to discuss your knowledge and experience and assist you gather sufficient evidence for final assessment.

To discuss an RPL option further and to receive more information on the RPL process and the assistance you will receive, please contact:
Quality Officer: (08) 8939 7104