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Student feedback

Please tell us about the training provided to you by Batchelor Institute. Your feedback will play an important role in developing the quality of training we provide to students.

In this questionnaire the term ‘training’ refers to learning experiences at Batchelor.

The term ‘trainer’ refers to trainers, teachers; lecturers or instructors.  Please submit one response to each item on the form

The data and feedback that we collect influences planning, methodologies of delivery, and choice of qualifications to be offered by the Institute in the future.

Students should complete an AQTF Learners Questionnaire at the end of a teaching period or at the completion of a course. This will enable the Institute to engage and receive constructive feedback from the Learners.

It will also inform the National VET Regulator, on how our Learners view their training/assessment. This in turn provides feedback for the Industry teams to review their tools, delivery, assessments and resources that are provided for the Learners. Learners may be assisted in understanding the questionnaire, this assistance allows Learners to make an informed choice when completing the questionnaire.

It is a very short and quick process, please complete the questionnaire using the link below, then press the submit button for the questionnaire to be lodged with the Institute.  The Institute’s Quality Assurance Branch will finalise the processing and distribution of outcomes to management and industry areas of the Institute.

Download Learners Questionnaire as a pdf