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Student Services is the go-to place for all student related issues, including counselling, student travel and accommodation. Our friendly Student Services teams are committed to making you feel welcome at Batchelor.

From our Student Support staff who you can approach about any matter, to our Student Travel Officers that organise travel to and from workshops around the Territory, there is one common goal – to help you feel at home in your time at Batchelor.

Follow the links on the right to find out more information on scholarships, apprenticeships and other student support services.


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  • Student Support

    Stephanie Barber - Team Leader, Student Support, Batchelor

    Stephanie is a local member and friendly face of the Batchelor community. She is passionate about Indigenous Education, supporting students through their academic journey and their social and emotional wellbeing. Students travel to the Institute from many rural, remote and urban communities around Australia, and Stephanie understands the difficulties of leaving family and friends to persue further studies and fulfil their dreams.

    Stephanie has been a part of the Student Support team for 4 years, and brings the knowledge and skills gained as a graduate and a staff member to the position of Team Leader, and has watched Batchelor Institute become one of Australia’s significant Indigenous Education providers. Stephanie and the team provide a friendly and supportive environment for students on campus, and welcome students to call into the support team for a cuppa and to say hello.
    Louisa Castle - Student Support Officer, Batchelor

    Louisa is a friendly and caring person, she is also a graduate of Batchelor College (now known as Batchelor Institute). Louisa has been with the Student Support team for 4 years and she enjoys working with the many students who come from all over Australia to attend their workshops here at Batchelor Institute. Louisa can assist you with completing your Centrelink Forms, Enrolment Forms and Scholarship forms and is happy to help with all other issues that may arise.

    Louisa's main focus is to support your social and emotional wellbeing whilst you are attending your workshop here on campus.
    Trish Cortes - Student Support Officer, Batchelor

    I was born and raised on Stapleton Station which originally included all of the Litchfield National Park prior to being opened to the public.

    To watch our BIITE students graduate is the ultimate feeling knowing we supported them through their stress and success of achieving their goals.

    My professional goal is to assist our BIITE students in striving and achieving success.
  • ITAS

    Vicki Young - ITAS Coordinator, Batchelor

    I have been part of the Batchelor Institute for several years now and also have experience within the travel industry.

    I enjoy finding tutors for students, watch their progress and love it when I see students graduate. I am passionate about seeing students reach their academic goals, especially if we have set them up with tutors and have watched their journey. There is no shame in asking for a tutor. A tutor can still proof read assignments and help you strive for that higher grade, they can keep you focused on achieving your academic goals, and could just help you get that higher mark you deserve.

    I am a real people person who just love working with all different types of people from all walks of life.