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The Commonwealth Government helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to study by providing an allowance. The amount of money allocated for each student depends on many factors. Generally, ABSTUDY allowances work out to be about the same as, or a little more than, unemployment benefits.


The student will be in receipt of the one-off incidental allowance payment per year if they are;

  • Employed full-time or
  • are in receipt of the ABSTUDY Pensioner Supplement. This payment are for those student who are either is/or;
    • In receipt of a Parenting Payment or Disability Pension
    • Should a student receive Parenting Payment or Disability Pension then they are not eligible to receive full-time ABSTUDY payments
    • The ABSTUDY Pensioner Supplement is a ‘top up’ to the payment type that the student is currently receiving from Human Services


This payment are for those students who are enrolled in 270+ hours per semester, 540+ hours per year.

Important notice, all student enrolling within Batchelor Institute must be in receipt of/or have submitted an ABSTUDY Claim for the year of enrolment for the exemption of Course Fees.


Student Services Staff

Find out a bit more about the people that can help you if you are a bit stuck on any issues regarding your study at Batchelor.


The purpose of the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) is to assist you in achieving your educational goals by giving you support in the academic tasks and skills necessary to complete your course. This support is provided in addition to the course content given by the lecturer in workshops, course study guides and workbooks. more


There are many scholarships available to help support you financially through your studies at Batchelor Institute. Some scholarships are only available for undergraduate students, some are only available for postgraduate students, others more general assistance. more


Apprentices gain Australian Quality Framework qualifications which are nationally recognised. Entry level starts at Certificates I & II, while potential apprentices can be assessed on prior knowledge, enabling them to enter at a higher level. Qualifications range up to an advanced diploma level. more

Disability Services

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education is committed to equality of opportunity and access for all staff and students, and has a strong commitment to supporting people who are disadvantaged by medical ailment or disability. more