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The Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) is a program funded by the Commonwealth Government through the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE), for Higher Education (HE) students.  VET students are funded through the Northern Territory Government (NTG).

The purpose of ITAS is to assist you in achieving your educational goals by giving you support in the academic tasks and skills necessary to complete your course. This support is provided in addition to the course content given by the lecturer in workshops, course study guides and workbooks.

All students enrolled in undergraduate courses in Higher Education and Certificate III and above in VET except for enabling courses, at Batchelor Institute, are eligible to have tutorial assistance in their home community and also while they are on campus.

There are two ways to apply for tutorial assistance; you can contact the ITAS office yourself, or you can ask your lecturer to help you choose a tutor who will meet your needs. Your lecturer will then ask the ITAS office to make the arrangements.

ITAS has a large number of registered tutors and all tutorial support is coordinated through the ITAS office. This is arranged to allow students, tutors and lecturers to keep in close contact so that tutorial support can be of maximum benefit to you in your studies. While the ITAS staff will make every effort to fulfill a request, sometimes a suitably qualified or local tutor cannot be found. In this case please talk to your lecturer about other ways to receive support in your studies.


The ITAS Student Application is downloadable from here for ITAS students to complete. Please contact us if you have any difficulty in completing this form. Please forward your form to the contact location below.


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