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Student travel enquiries
Freecall: 1800 815 262


Once you are enrolled and are required to attend a workshop, your lecturer will make contact with you prior to submitting a request for you to be travelled.

Prior to being travelled you need to provide evidence that you are in receipt of Abstudy. You should use the Enrolment & Fees invoice sent to you by Student Administration to apply for Abstudy. You will be asked to provide written evidence from Centrelink that you have been approved for an Abstudy benefit to the Institute.

Your travel to and from workshops will be arranged by the Institute once you are enrolled in your course. A list showing students’ dates and times of arrival and departure are located at the Residential Office and the Student Travel Office (Batchelor and Desert Peoples Centre Campus in Alice Springs). You are expected to remain for the duration of any workshop, however, if an emergency arises you can advise your lecturer who will investigate other arrangements.


To be eligible for this assistance to travel, you will need to be enrolled in a course, be Indigenous and have applied to Centrelink and have been approved for one or more of the ABSTUDY benefits payable by Centrelink, except for Away From Base assistance.

You will need to obtain a copy of Centrelink Confirmation of Enrolment issued by the Institute and then submit this to your nearest Centrelink Office.

Institutions must ask you for evidence that you have been approved for an ABSTUDY benefit.

Your travel to and from workshops will be arranged by the Institute once you are an enrolled student. Your travel from and to your home location, meals and accommodation are covered for the duration of the workshop. If you bring your child (four years old and under) with you to the workshop, you will need to cover the costs or their travel, accommodation, childcare and meals. Costs are not covered outside of the approved workshop duration.

Your attendance on campus is restricted to the duration of the workshop.  Students cannot remain on campus outside of those periods.


Student Travel will confirm the travel with you at least 7 days prior to making the booking or preparing the itinerary.
NB – You are required to confirm or cancel your travel arrangements with Student Travel before 4.00 pm on the Thursday before the workshop commences  – See information below.


Students requiring assistance with transportation such as a wheelchair accessible taxi will need to contact the Student Travel office.


It is your responsibility to provide the Institute with a current address and telephone number at the time of enrolment.   If these details change temporarily, it is your responsibility to advise Student Travel of any changes to your address or telephone number. For any ongoing changes to your details, you are required to complete a Request to Change Personal Details form to Student Administration as soon as possible after you arrive on campus.   If you have temporarily moved to another community, you can only travel from that community if you have provided Student Travel with your temporary address, in writing. Special conditions apply for interstate students. For details please contact Student Travel.


Only infants under four years of age are allowed to travel. You have to purchase the fare and are responsible for all costs relating to the travel. Notification must be given to the Travel Office of children travelling with parents no later than two weeks prior to departure. The child’s name and age must be on the Student Travel Request.

The Institute does not permit you to bring school-age children (5 years and over), as the Institute is unable to provide day care and suitable accommodation is not always available.


You must apply for ABSTUDY once you have been admitted or enrolled at the Institute. You will need to obtain a copy of your acceptance form from the Institute and then take this to your nearest Centrelink Office. Your travel to and from workshops will be arranged by the Institute once you are enrolled. All your travel, meals and accommodation are covered while you are at the workshop. If you bring your child (under four years old) with you to the workshop, you will need to pay for their travel, accommodation and meals out of your own money.


If you get your travel details either on a fax, or over the phone, you must contact the travel office and confirm your travel. You must do this by 4.00pm on the Thursday before the weekend you are due to travel. Please ensure you contact the Travel Office directly, not any other part of the Institute.

The Freecall number for you to ring is: 1800 815 262


If at the last minute you cannot travel, please try and cancel your booking with the plane or bus company yourself. This may save the booking and we may be able to re-book you at a later date.


The time that we give you as your departure time of your plane or bus, is the actual travel departure time.

You must plan to be at the place the bus or plane leaves from, and be there at least 30 minutes before this departure time.   For major airports, you will be required to check in no later than 1 hour before departure time.


Student Travel will not make any changes to your travel arrangements unless there are exceptional circumstances.  It is your responsibility to attend workshops if this is required as part of your course.

You will be responsible to pay for any increase in travel costs associated with making changes or cancellations to the booking after confirmation has been received.  You will be invoiced for additional costs.   In exceptional circumstances the cost may be waived, for example if written advice is received from the community why you were unable to advise the Institute in a timely fashion.


If you “no show”, the Institute is obliged to invoice you for the cost of the travel and will not arrange any further travel for you until the invoice is paid. The Institute may waive the penalty for the no show if the student can demonstrate the extenuating circumstances.

You can apply, in writing, to have this “no-show” changed to “cancelled” if you have a good reason for missing the planned travel. When you do this you must send written documents to support your claim. For instance, if you or your child were sick we would need a medical certificate from your Clinic or Doctor. If there was a death, or you had cultural or community obligations that you didn’t know about until the last minute, then we would need a letter from your Community Council.


  • Your personal belongings – clothes (remember a jumper if going to the cold country), toiletries (soap, shampoo etc).
  • A bath towel – we do not provide bath towels in our accommodation. We do provide you with sheets, blankets and pillows so you don’t need to worry about these.
  • Your bank book or keycard – if you wish to get money out of your bank account you will need to remember to bring your bank book or keycard with you. There are no banks in Batchelor, but there is a Commonwealth agent, and an EFTPOS machine at the shop.
  • Medication & Medicare and Healthcare card – remember if you are on medication to bring it with you as the pharmacy is 97km away, and it may not be readily available where you are going. You will need your medicare card if you need to see the doctor.
  • Your study items, workbooks, pens, notebooks etc. Your lecturer will let you know at your first workshop what you will need to have.


  • Your address and phone contacts.
  • Make sure you provide the Travel Office always with any up-to-date address and phone numbers so you can be contacted. If you move you must let the Travel Office know in writing, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks, so that they can find you to arrange your travel.
  • If you stop studying or change your study load you must complete a Change of Enrolment Form. If you are on ABSTUDY you must also advise Centrelink. You are responsible to repay any overpayments you may receive from ABSTUDY.
  • If you change your study load, say go from full-time to part-time, you must let Centrelink know, so that they can make changes to your ABSTUDY.
  • The Institute will not notify Centrelink for you.


Direct all student travel enquiries to the Student Travel Officers
Ph: (08) 8939 7297 or (08) 8939 7266 or Freecall: 1800 815 262