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Batchelor Institute is the only First Nations dual sector tertiary education provider in Australia. The Institute gives precedence to its philosophy of Both Ways: positioning First Nations peoples as knowledge holders in all educational transactions with Western knowledge systems as well as privileging First Nations ways of learning and teaching to underpin our engagement with mainstream education systems and society more broadly.


To be the First Nations institution of choice, where truth, knowledge and wisdom meet.

Batchelor Institute Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Our work will be framed and guided by three strategic pillars. We will work together to achieve our vision with mutual respect and commitment. We will always remember the people and communities we serve and show deep respect for each other.


PILLAR ONE – Provide outstanding training, research, and lifelong education


PILLAR TWO – Offer what our students, families, partners and communities seek and need


PILLAR THREE – Strengthen our culture, capability, and capacity to meet our values and commitments.

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